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The Cathedral Cave, part of St Michaels cave was at one time thought to be bottomless, and was long spoken of in the legends of Gibraltar.

It was believed that the cave was one end of a passage of a subterranean nature that moves more than fifteen miles long and passes through under the strait of Gibraltar, and further legend says that the Barbary Apes, or Gibraltar Monkeys entered Gibraltar from Morocco from this passage long ago.

Araujo is 33, a Socialist and the first woman in her position. A "crisis tsunami" has reached La Línea, says Araujo, and the situation is more serious than ever before.

Spain is also considering closing its airspace to flights heading to the Rock.They all want to get out of Spain, if only for a few hours.There is work across the border, in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, and work spells hope for a better life. on what promises to be a hot early summer's day, the traffic jam on the Spanish side already stretches from the border, across the coastal road and back to the town hall, where Mayor Gemma Araujo is holding down the fort in her office on the second floor, which has a view of the caravan of commuters.Earlier on Monday, the British territory’s chief minister accused Spain of acting like North Korea and “sabre rattling” over the continuing dispute.Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s chief minister, said that Jose Garcia-Margallo, Spanish foreign minister, was acting like General Franco, the former dictator.

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